History of cupping therapy

Cupping therapy can be traced back at least three thousand years. Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have documented the use of the Cup as therapeutic.

Cupping fell out of favour with medicine in the modern era, but is now enjoying a resurgence, promoted by acupuncturists and other holistic healthcare practitioners.

The equipment used has developed over the centuries. Still in some cultures glass cups are used and suction being fulfilled by burning off excess oxygen in the cups. The Bellabaci cup is made from silicon, which makes it squeezable, eliminating any danger from burns. The vacuum is easily controlled for the comfort of the client.

Cupping therapy

What to expect

I offer cupping therapy as an extra to complement holistic body massage. During consultation, prior to treatment, any particular tension areas are highlighted ie shoulders, back or legs. I will then work extra over these areas to release the tension using hands and Bellabaci cups.

Bellabaci cups can be left static over tension areas to help with the release. Leaving cups like this can cause what is termed 'cup kiss'. They are similar to a love bite and are temporary.

By creating suction and negative pressure the cups are used to glide over the body helping with lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and improving muscle function.

The whole body massage with Bellabaci cups usually takes about 60 minutes. If only back or legs are required to be treated then I can adjust the therapy to the client's needs.

Benefits and Effects

Cupping therapy works by creating suction and negative pressure thereby:

- helping to drain excess fluids and toxins

- loosen adhesions

- lifts connective tissue to bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin

- intensifies metabolism and dermal respiration

- improves skin elasticity

- improves muscle function

It is a versatile treatment that can be modified to accomplish a range of techniques from lymphatic drainage to deep tissue release.

Pre and after care of treatment

It is important that prior to receiving Cupping Therapy that you


- exfoliate

- exercise just before treatment

- use sauna or steam room

After treatment

- stay away from excessive heat

- no hot showers or baths

- no saunas or steam rooms

- no exercise

- no extreme cold things on worked areas

- keep body warm