History of Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage has been used therapeutically in India, China, Japan and North America, for thousands of years, and were felt to be beneficial for cleansing the body, relaxing the heart, grounding the soul and soothing the mind.

The stones used are mostly basalt stone created by volcanic activity with their surfaces smoothed over by running water in river beds.

Mary Hannigan has updated the therapy that allows us to offer a modern style.

Stone Massage

What to expect

I offer hot stone massage as an extra to complement holistic body massage. During consultation, prior to treatment, any particular tension areas are highlighted ie shoulders, lower back or legs. I will then work extra over these areas to help release the tension - using hands and stones.

The stones are warmed in a heater prior to your appointment. Whilst massaging areas with stones I check with you that they are a comfortable temperature - everyone has different tolerances to heat. When 'placing' stones I never leave them in direct contact with your skin. A towel is used to (a) prevent burns from the stones and (b) to protect your modesty.

The whole body massage with stones usually takes about 60 minutes. If only back or legs are required to be treated then I can adjust the therapy to suit.

Benefits and Effects

- relax muscle tissue

- ease tension

- induce state of calm

- gentle exfoliation of skin

- increase blood circulation

- increased lymphatic drainage/ elimination

Good for treating

- muscular aches and pains

- poor circulation

- insomnia

- depression

- stress, tension and anxiety

- stress related digestive disorders

After care advice

It is normal to feel washed out following treatment so

- relax and rest as much as possible

- avoid warm bath, sauna or sunbed

- avoid alcohol

- drink plenty of water