Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a massage therapy that works specifically on the area surrounding the head, scalp and face, neck, and extending to the shoulders and upper back.


Indian Head Massage (IHM) has been practised for over a thousand years, in India, and is an important part of their culture. It is an intergral part of family life as well as profession, and massage is combine with bathing and shampooing, to refresh, stimulate and unite mind, body and spirit.

Various oils can be used to improve condition and lustre of hair as well as to alleviate conditions.

IHM can still be seen as an everyday part of life - in barbershops, markets, street corners and even on the beach. For practically Indian Head Massage in Swansea can be done in salons, in the workplace or at home.


IHM is a treatment which is not soley carried out on the head. It incorporates the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck and the face. These are all areas where a great deal of tension and accumulation of stress tends to occur.

The different movements used in IHM help to relax taut and uncomfortable muscles, ease stiffness, and stimulate blood circulation. IHM encourages deep breathing and helps to boost the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the brain.

The whole treatment takes about 45 minutes and should be of a firmness that will help relax muscles but not to cause pain.


- Alleviates stress, anxiety and depression

- Creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm

- Increases concentration and alertness enabling clearer thinking

- Blood flow to the head and neck is increased improving circulation

- Lymphatic drainage is stimulated

- Blood supply to the scalp is boosted promoting hair growth

- Revitalises the whole person

- Headache and eyestrain is relieved

- Relieves muscle spasm and muscle tension

- Improve muscle tone

- Relieves mental and physical strain to improve concentration and better productivity

- Improves mobility to restricted joint movement

All in all your therapist in Swansea can help to relieve your stress in Swansea


You may or may not experience what is termed a healing reaction - any reaction is deemed positive - no pain, no gain.

Reactions range from general feelings of discomfort to feelings of illness in specific areas. Existing symptoms may worsen, or new symptoms appear. The "healing reaction" is common andtemporary.

To help to minimise the effect of the "healing reaction" it is advised that you should :-

Drink plenty of water

Avoid stimulants ie caffeine, alcohol

Avoid any strenuous or stressful
activities directly after any treatments

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